HR Executive

Are you an Human Resource Execute that is willing to embrace change and push your headaches to a professional service company?

Finance Executive

Why not put your end of the month pressure on someone else and focus on what you know how to do best? Simply the numbers and growth?

Chief Executive

Are you allowing the payroll headaches get in the way of strategic thinking in your organisation?

Marketing Executive

We all know business succeed only because of high sales, every other thing is complimentary.


Compens8 Solutions Limited is a consulting firm that enables clients to leverage compensation and benefit programs to take their business to the next level. In an evolving regulatory landscape, our vast technical experience positions us to serve as a strategic partner, designing tailored solutions aimed to maximize your organization’s most complex and valuable resource – its people.


At CSJ, professionalism and integrity is our way of life and attending to the needs of our clients. We aim to set the pace, as well as redefine compensation and benefits services through consistent and exceptional service delivery.


We are committed to shaping CSJ Consults to be the most preferred HR consulting firm in Nigeria on compensation and benefits matters, by forging a lasting and strategic partnership with our esteemed clients.

Core Values

Exceptional Service Delivery

Products Offerings

Human Resources and Payroll Advisory

CSL provides human resource and payroll advisory services to any degree necessary.

Compensation and Benefits Outsourcing

Attracting, motivating, and retaining talent continues to be one of the biggest challenges a company faces.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Our team’s expansive knowledge and experience in welfare, Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO),

Training & Communication

Creating a clear strategy for how your employees support your business goals is a necessity to an organization’s success.